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Los Angeles Foot Fetish

[NOTE: I’m currently in BOSTON from Aug-Dec 2019. I return to LOS ANGELES around Xmas 2019] 

How to Book a Los Angeles Foot Fetish session or Domme session with Me:

My time is highly coveted, and you will follow My clear instructions below if you wish to serve Me. Include ALL of the following information for a response, sent to:

  • Full Name and Age (21+)
  • Phone Number
  • Level of Experience
  • Names of other Dommes or foot models you have had sessions with
  • Type of Session Desired
  • Limits/Boundaries

You might also let Me know what part of the city you are coming from, so that I can provide directions to My studio. Other helpful info you might add: Are you a primarily a submissive, fetishist, or masochist? Anything else you are comfortable sharing can help Me devise the perfect session.

I respect your discretion and privacy, and my email account is offshore and encrypted. First-timers without verified references do require an advanced online deposit to cover My travel, space rental, and prep. I will provide instructions for how to do this securely and anonymously.

I get multiple inquiries per day, and am selective about who I meet, so sending all of the required items is the best way to make a good first impression and ensure a spot under My soft, lovely feet or on My hypnosis couch.

Be sure to book at least 48 hours in advance.  Sessions before noon or after 10pm are not available at this time – I will update if this changes. Please see My twitter feed or Instagram for the latest travel updates as well. (My favorite cities to visit are San Francisco and Boston, where I first started My Domme career in 2013.)

I already have several committed personal lifestyle submissives and am not seeking more, so you are to keep your inquiries to a Professional nature only. Remember not to ask for illegal play types. My backup contact is

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